Unity Serving Military Overseas, Unity SMO, is a Unity Worldwide Ministries Evolving Alternative Internet Ministry that will broadcast/stream Unity of Melbourne’s worship services each Sunday morning at 8am Japan Standard Time, and another worship service Sunday morning 8am Central European Time, bringing Unity directly into the homes, barracks, housing, and deployed locations of our service members and their families while stationed overseas.

I AM enough loved blessed joy-filled grateful free Divine

30 October Broadcast

  • Lesson - Rev Vernelle Nelson
    Rev Vernelle Nelson offers today’s lesson, “Sprint The Trap, and Grace is Pouring In”
  • Meditation - Rev Vernelle
    Rev Vernelle offers today’s meditation.

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Upcoming Services

6 November - Rev Vernelle Nelson

Rev Vernelle provides our lesson

13 November - Rev Vernelle Nelson

Rev Vernelle provides our lesson

20 November - Randy Fillmore, LUT

Licensed Unity Teacher, Randy Fillmore provides our lesson

27 November - Rev Vernelle Nelson

Rev Vernelle provides our lesson

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Answers About Unity

Why Unity Serving Military Overseas?

Unity Serving Military Overseas was born out of an idea in 1985, when (then) SSgt Randy Fillmore really missed Unity’s teachings while stationed at Bremerhaven, Germany.  Military Chaplains were not familiar with Unity’s teachings, and reliance on Unity materials through postal offices was spotty.

In the 25 years since, technology has evolved to support the ability to take Unity’s teachings around the world instantaneously and cost effectively.

Randy Fillmore, now retired (from the Air Force and DoD), remembered te 1985 idea and has been working with Unity Worldwide Ministries to make manifest Unity Serving Military Overseas.

This Unity-affiliated ministry will broadcast live worship services on Sunday at 10am local times to the Indo-Pacific and European theaters.  In this way, service members and their families can attend a worship service at a convenient time, and not just when the services are available stateside.

Unity SMO is partnering with stateside Unity Ministries, Unity ministers, and dynamic musicians to bring the teachings of Unity directly to you.  Each worship service will be live; hosted by a Platform Assistant.  Portions of the service will be pre-recorded, but the majority of the service will be live.

Unity’s 5 Basic Principles

Unity teachings are based on universal spiritual principles that run like a thread through the world’s religions. These are laws that seem to govern humankind no matter where we live, how we view the Divine, or even whether we are aware these principles exist. They have been expressed in many ways through thousands of years, but the essence of them is this:

  1. God is all there is, present everywhere, and absolute good.
  2. Human beings are created in the image of God and our very essence is divine; therefore, we are inherently good.
  3. We create our life experiences through our way of thinking.
  4. Our lives can be changed and transformed through the power of prayer.
  5. Knowing these principles is not enough; we must live the truth we know.

What Unity Believes About Jesus

We believe that Jesus fully expressed his divine potential and sought to show humankind how to express ours as well. We see Jesus as a master teacher of universal truths and as our Way Shower. In Unity, we use the term Christ to mean the divinity in humankind. Jesus is the great example of the Christ in expression.

What Unity Believes About God

God is Spirit, the loving source of all that is. God is the one power, all good, everywhere present.  God is divine energy, continually creating, expressing and sustaining all creation and all wisdom. In God, we live and move and have our being. In Unity, some other ways we speak of God are Life, Light, Love, Substance, Principle, Law and Universal Mind.

What Unity Believes About the Bible

Unity co-founders Charles and Myrtle Fillmore studied the Bible as history and allegory and interpreted it as a metaphysical representation of humankind’s evolutionary journey toward spiritual awakening. In addition, Unity recognizes that the Bible is a complex collection of writings compiled over many centuries. We honor the writings as reflecting the understanding and inspiration of the writers at the time they were written. The Bible continues to be a valuable spiritual resource for us.

Prayer and Meditation

Affirmative prayer is the highest form of creative thought. It includes the release of counterproductive, negative thoughts, as well as holding in mind statements of spiritual truth. Through meditation, we experience the presence of God. Prayer and meditation heighten our awareness and thereby transform our lives.

Unity Teaches

  • Heaven is not a place, but a state of consciousness; we create our own heaven and hell here and now.
  • We all have an innate capacity to know God through direct experience.
  • The “Christ” is that part of God that is in every person. There is divinity within all people, just as there was in Jesus.
  • Prayer works.
  • We are here to set a positive example and be a role model for others.
  • We are here to make the world a better place.

The Nature of Humankind

We are each individual, eternal expressions of God. Our essential nature is divine and therefore inherently good. Our purpose is to express our divine potential as realized and demonstrated by Jesus and other master teachers. The more we awaken to our divine nature, the more fully God expresses in and through our lives.

Unity History

The Unity spiritual movement began in the late 1800s based on prayer and the power of mind over body.

Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, a Kansas City, Missouri, couple with three young boys, had suffered lifelong physical ailments and constantly sought healing. They heard a lecture by a metaphysician named E.B. Weeks, and Myrtle came away with a startling new idea: “I am a child of God, and therefore I do not inherit sickness.”

In two years of prayer and meditation, she healed her body of tuberculosis. Charles also began to investigate spiritual principles and healed a leg that had been damaged in a childhood ice skating accident.

The Fillmores were devotees of Ralph Waldo Emerson and studied with the leading teachers of the day, including Mary Baker Eddy and Emma Curtis Hopkins. To share the exciting spiritual teachings they had learned, the Fillmores didn’t start a church but began to publish a magazine.

The first issue of Modern Thought came out in 1889 and is now called Unity Magazine®. The next year, in 1890, Charles and Myrtle formed a prayer group that is now Silent Unity, a 24/7 prayer ministry that responds to 2 million people a year through letters, telephone, and email.

Book publishing began with Lessons in Truth, still a Unity classic, and Unity Books is still active. A second magazine was initiated in 1924, Daily Word, which now circulates around the globe.

Classes taught by the Fillmores grew into a seminary, Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute, with about 600 churches and study groups worldwide.

The farm they initially established to grow produce for their vegetarian restaurant in downtown Kansas City is now Unity Village, Missouri, a 1,200-acre incorporated town and the world headquarters for the enduring Unity movement.

Daily Word

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